Month: July 2014

Who Likes Monster Hunting?

Monster Hunter Blood TrailsMonster Hunter: Blood Trails is the latest in the Legends of the Monster Hunter anthology series from Emby Press, and one hell of an exciting addition. It contains 24 brand new stories of brave men and women hunting down vampires, werewolves, demons, and other nasty creatures that prey upon humans in the dark, from such authors as Josh Reynolds,  John M. Whalen, Marc Sorondo, and of course, myself.

And today I’m offering a little taste of what to expect from the book…for free.

Walpurgis Night is a story about a specialized team of vampire hunters–one comprised of ex-military, priests, and those gifted with supernatural abilities–hunting down a nest of vampires deep in forests of Romania, and finding more than they bargained for.

And here, posted for your enjoyment, is a short excerpt from that story:

Charlie pointed his shotgun at the closest vampire, a skinny female with a gaunt face and sharp claws, who looked like a meth addict from hell. She crouched down low, snarling at him like a rabid animal. He could feel his hands sweating as he gripped the weapon.

“Hold your position,” Riggs called out. “Ready on my mark.”

The atmosphere became tense as the two groups faced each other in a standoff. Then the bald vampire on the stage began to chant. His eyes rolled back in his head, and the circle around him began to glow an eerie red.

It happened before any of them could react—the long, curved knife was suddenly in the bald vampire’s hand, slicing a long, deep gash from the girl’s groin to her throat, then another quick slash across her neck. She didn’t even have time to scream before a river of blood was streaming, the girl’s eyes still wide open, uncomprehending, as the crimson liquid ran down her naked body, filling grooves inlaid on the stone and flowing towards the hideous black statue.

Riggs screamed the order and Jack threw his five knives into the air. Telekinetic power took over as Jack slammed them through the foreheads of five vampires, then quickly moved in with his stake to finish them off.

Father Mitchell fired his hand cannon, turning half a vampire’s head into mist, and then ramming the business end of his cross into its heart.

Senalda moved through the crowd of vampires like a dancer, her sword severing limbs and heads with a ballerina’s grace. On the other side of the room, Captain Riggs had the UV cannon on, burning hordes of vampires as if it were a flamethrower.

But Charlie froze…

He watched the carnage unfolding all around him but couldn’t force himself to move. He wanted to help, to do his part for the team, but terror coursed through his veins. What was he thinking, coming here? He couldn’t do this… He wasn’t as good as the others—he had no business even being here. He stared into the feral eyes of the vampire, pointing his shotgun at it, wondering if this was how he would die.

The vampire pounced.

Charlie was slammed to the ground, the shotgun clattering from his hands. The vampire slashed with its claws, shredding through the protective material of his suit, drawing blood. He desperately tried to throw the thing off, but it was too strong and held him down, snapping at his bare neck with needle-sharp teeth. Charlie closed his eyes.


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