Movie Night: Chapter Two

It’s the second Monday in October, and that means it’s time for the second chapter of my free Halloween horror story, “Movie Night.” If you haven’t read the first chapter, you can find it here. As a brief word of warning, this chapter contains scenes of graphic violence (but, honestly, what fun would a Halloween horror story be without a little blood and gore?). Consider yourself warned.

So here it is, Chapter Two:

Movie Night: Chapter Two

by David Anthony

Patrick hit the power button on the cordless phone and tossed it unceremoniously to the floor, and then leaned back in his office chair, putting his booted feet up on the desk in front of him. His eyes turned to the muted TV screen up on the dresser, where a masked killer chased a screaming girl through the forest with a machete.

“This is one of the originals,” he said. “The originals are always far superior to those shitty remakes Hollywood seems so fond of these days. There’s just something about them—a chemistry that can’t be duplicated, the way they so perfectly reflect the fears of the time era in which they were filmed—as well as the usual screams, death and dismemberment.” He looked over his shoulder. “Wouldn’t you agree, Tina?”

The half-naked blonde on the bed behind him said nothing. She just stared at him, tears streaming down her make-up smeared face, unrestrained terror evident in her eyes. She couldn’t have answered him if she had wanted to. Her mouth was gagged, her hands and feet tied to the bed’s head and footboard with rope. Her only clothing was a tiny pair of lacy, aqua-blue panties—the sexy witch’s costume she’d been wearing now in tatters on the floor. But the source of her anguish came from a sharp carving knife protruding from a deep gash in her left thigh. Blood soaked the sheets beneath her, dripping down and saturating the once-beige carpet.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Patrick said. “By the way, I’d like to thank you for playing your part in all this so nicely. That scream of yours was very convincing.” He stood from his chair and began slowly walking toward her, a leather-gloved hand trailing playfully up her wounded leg. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you actually were in some pain back there.” Patrick grabbed the knife handle and viciously twisted the blade.

Tina’s back arched from the bed, her bare breasts thrusting for the ceiling as she tried to cry out through the gag. The cords of her neck stood out sharply, her entire body writhing and contorting in agony. He released the blade and her screams stopped. Her muscles relaxed and her body fell back down onto the bed. Tears began to flow anew as she sobbed quietly into the gag.

Patrick smiled with perverse satisfaction. “You are quite the actress, Tina, I’ll give you that. You should be in a movie—maybe even a horror movie.” He sat down next to her on the bed, putting a thoughtful finger up to his chin. “Hmmm…what part do you think you should play? The heroine? No, that wouldn’t work out right. The villain? No, not really your style. Oh,” he said, as if a new thought had suddenly popped into his head. “Here’s something you might not know—but I have to warn you, it’s a bit unpleasant. Do you know who Jill’s with right now?” He made as distasteful face. “Michael!”

Tina only whimpered in response.

“I know, I couldn’t believe it either. But his car is over there right now.” He pointed an accusatory finger toward the house next door. “And I heard his voice in the background when I called her—thank you, by the way, for giving me her new cell phone number.” He glanced down at her iPhone on the floor, the contacts page still up on the screen. “I couldn’t have done any of this without you.”

Patrick paused for several long seconds, his eyes staring off into the space. The violent fury of the storm had somewhat diminished, and the only sounds in the room were the quiet rumble of thunder outside, the rain pattering softly against the bedroom windows, and the staccato drip…drip…dripping of Tina’s blood hitting the carpet. When he finally looked back up his face seemed to have darkened. All the amusement drained from his voice.

“You know she’s having sex with him, don’t you? She’ll have sex with that piece of shit, but not me!” He stood up again, getting agitated. He began pacing back and forth, waving his hands aggressively, his voice growing louder and louder.

“Well, all that’s about to change. My dad always says you have to take what you want in life. He didn’t get to where he is by letting people walk on him. He took it by force—by any means necessary! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Jill knows I’m here now but she won’t call the cops. Even if she knows it in her gut, she has to be sure she’s right. She’ll send him over instead. And guess what’ll happen to him?”

Patrick grabbed the handle of the knife and yanked it out of Tina’s leg. She screamed into the gag as blood spurted from the gaping wound, running down her leg in thick rivulets. He pointed the bloody knife menacingly at her.

“Oh!” he said suddenly, his face lighting up. “I’ve got it! I’ve come up with the perfect part for you!” He leaned over her, a sadistic glee shining in his dark eyes. “You can play the part of the pretty blonde bimbo who always becomes the first victim in the movie.”

Thunder boomed as Patrick raised the knife and savagely drove it down into her bare chest. A thick crimson stream shot across her face onto the headboard and wall. Lightning painted the room in mad shadows as Patrick yanked the blade free and drove it down again and again, blood spraying over his face and clothing. On the fifth strike the weapon got caught in a bone. He screamed obscenities as he twisted and pulled and yanked on the weapon. Finally it came free.

Panting, he stood back to admire his handiwork. Tina lay there gasping for breath, a gurgling sound coming from her chest as blood spilled from the corners of her mouth onto the pillow. Her eyes were wild and terrified. After several seconds her body stopped moving and her eyes took on a distant, lifeless stare.

Patrick smiled maniacally as he moved to the window and looked out into the storm, towards the house next door. He’d be coming soon. He needed to get ready. He just needed to deal with this one last obstacle…and then she was his.


That’s it for Chapter Two. Hope you’re enjoying the story. Stop by next week for the next chapter, and feel free to comment on the website!


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