Otherworldly Things

Hissue-36-cover-digital1ave you ever waken in the middle of the night to a darkened bedroom, unable to move or speak, with the inexplicable and unnerving sensation the something otherworldly is in the room with you? If so, you’re not alone. This is a real-world, medical condition called Sleep Paralysis. Some say it has a logical, biological explanation behind it, but others say that the sinister thing in the room with you is real…and it’s there for nefarious reasons. But what is it? Where does it come from? And why is it after you? These are the questions Sam Peterson is forced to ask in my new story, “The Thing in the Corner,” out now in issue 36 of Lovecraft eZine. The issue is crammed full of dark Lovecraftian stories, and it’s free to read on the website so there’s no risk in checking it out. Head on over and take a look right now. But make sure to leave the lights off while you read…if you dare.

Lovecraft eZine Issue 36


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