Month: September 2016


SanitariumThese days, it’s not surprising to see small press publishers closing their doors. Since I’ve been writing and having my work published, I’ve seen a lot of small shops come and go, but this one is especially unfortunate, since Sanitarium was one of those magazines that helped new writers are artists get their work out and get paid for it, publishing quality stories, articles, and artwork in their magazine and on their website. Sanitarium published one of my stories, “On Wicked Wings,” several years ago, when I was first getting started, (issue 18), and has helped many other writers get their start since then. New publishers will no doubt arise and fill the void that Sanitarium is leaving, but this doesn’t diminish the loss that their closure brings. Issue 50 will be their last, so if you’re interested in checking out what they’ve done in the past and reading some great horror stories by new authors, now would be a good time to head over to their website and pick up an issue or two before they’re gone for good.

Sanitarium Magazine